Yarn advent calendar

The yarn advent calendar brings you the Christmas spirit! The calendar is a joint Christmas calendar project of Finnish craft entrepreneurs where knitting and crochet instructions as well as mini yarn spools and other surprises are revealed behind the boxes to bring joy to the Christmas season. There are 24th boxes in the Yarn advent calendar, which reveals little treasures for crafts for enthusiasts. The boxes have knitting and crochet instructions as well as skeins of yarn and other surprises, all coming from domestic designers and dyers. You can open the door every day from our website at http://www.yarnadventcalendar.com

The Christmas yarn calendar combines crafts and traditional Christmas calendar with 24 boxes. Behind the boxes of the Yarn advent calendar mini-yarn skeins of Finnish dyers as well as knitting and crochet instructions by Finnish designers are revealed day by day. The designers are e.g. Merja Ojanperä, Sari Åström / Arteeni and Anne Vierimaa / Anceliga Design so there will be great instructions coming!

The Yarn advent calendar itself is beautiful, suitable as a gift and made of recyclable materials. Dimensions are 37 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm. It includes 22 skeins of yarn, hand-dyed and specialty yarns, making for a change of surprise as well as several craft instructions. The theme is the anticipation of Finnish Christmas with its Christmassy colors inside.

The Yarn advent calendar brings crafting joy and everyday luxury to each day of December, all the way to the eve. The peace and surprise of Christmas can be caught since the beginning of December. There are limited numbers of calendars, but the journey of a Yarn advent calendar can be followed on social media.

We also publish surprising content on our website www.yarnadventcalendar.com at the same pace as the boxes.

Joulukalanteri, käsityöt, neulonta, virkkaaminen
Joulukalanteri, käsityöt, neulonta, virkkaaminen