Order and Delivery Terms


Knokkon Textiles Company’s customer (later Customer) must be an adult, a natural person, or a legal entity. The legal entity does not have the same rights as consumer customers, for example concerning refund. The products are sold to selected EU countries and the prices include VAT. The products will not be delivered to Åland. The following terms and conditions apply to all volumes, of which the Customer orders at Knokkon Textiles Company’s online store.


Products are ordered online by transferring the desired products to the shopping cart and paying for the content in the shopping cart via the online payment service. The orders need to be reviewed at every stage of the order and even before the order is sent to Knokkon Textiles Company. An agreement between the Subscriber and Knokkon Textiles Company shall be entered into when the Subscriber receives an order confirmation to the email address provided. The customer is required to read an accept the terms of order and delivery. The order placed by the Customer binds the Customer, who is obliged to pay for the order. The Customer may, if she or he wishes, register, all information provided remains with Knokkon Textiles Company Oy. Up-to-date information about the order will not be used for purposes other than the delivery of the order or any clarification that may arise.


Knokkon Textiles Company always reserves the right not to offer all payment options or alternatively, suggest changing your payment method in case the payment method chosen by the customer for some reason does not work when placing an order.




Visma Pay (Paybyway Oy, business-id FI24865594) is the payment facilitator of the online shop. Paybyway Oy is a payment facilitator authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland. The payment process is conducted in the online service of Visma Pay. Visma Pay or Paybyway Oy is shown as the receiver of your payment in the bank account listing and in your invoice. Paying with Visma Pay is safe. All information is exchanged through secured connections.

The trade happens between the online customer and the online shop. The online shop is responsible for all obligations related to the trade.

Read more about Visma Pay: https://www.visma.fi/vismapay/

The trade happens between the online customer and the online shop. The online shop is responsible for all obligations related to the trade.




Through the PayForm service, you can pay with online banking IDs, wallet, payment cards (credit / debit), invoice or installment. The following payment methods are available: Nordea, Handelsbanken, Osuuspankki, Local Cooperative Banks, Danske Bank Savings Bank, Oma Säästöpankki, Aktia, Bank of Åland, S-Bank, MobilePay, Masterpass, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard.


You can pay with your MobilePay wallet if you have allowed online shopping to pay for the app settings. Payments made with a MobilePay wallet will be charged to the debit card attached to the wallet. If it is not possible to debit the payment card, it will not be possible to pay with the MobilePay wallet in the online store.


Masterpass is Mastercard’s payment system that can be used with the mobile banking application and allows easy, fast and secure online payment transactions.

Learn more at https://masterpass.com/en-gb.html


More information on OP’s website: https://www.op.fi/private-customers/digital-services/pivo


More information on Nordea’s website: https://www.nordea.fi/en/personal/our-services/online-mobile-services/siirto.html



Orders will be processed within approximately one week, in order of arrival. If the ordered product is out of stock, the customer will be contacted when the order is processed. Different processing times will be announced on Knokkon Textiles Company’s online stores front page and on social media channels. The Customer will receive an order confirmation of her/his order to the e-mail address provided.


The order will arrive at the selected delivery point or home mainly in 5 business days to Europe and 10-15 days outside European Union of the shipping confirmation being sent. Du to the Brexit some delay my occur. The Customer will be contacted if delivery for any reason would not be possible to the address provided by the Customer and an alternative method of delivery will be agreed.


Knokkon Textiles Company reserves the right to cancel the contract if the ordered product cannot be delivered. Knokkon Textiles Company Oy shall not be liable for delays caused by force majeure or for indirect damage caused by delays. Shipping costs apply to orders placed within Finland. Orders from consumers over that exceed EUR 200 will be shipped free of charge, excluding home delivery by the Finnish Posti and if the order is shipped outside Finland. Shipping costs already paid by the customer will not be refunded.



Products are shipped to the European Union. Products will not be shipped to Åland, Norway or Switzerland. Orders are delivered using one of the delivery methods specified in the Online store, which the Customer chooses at the time of ordering. If the order is delivered to the Finnish Posti, the Customer must note that the shipment retention time for parcels delivered to the Finnish Posti collection points is seven (7) days. If the customer does not pick up the incoming shipment during that time, the package will be returned to the sender. Shipments that are not picked up and returned to senders will always be charged a return cost (see Returns and exchanges). Knokkon Textiles Company Oy is not responsible for the costs arising from the decisions of Posti or another transport company to transfer the ordered products to another Post office or other transport company’s office for collection


If a package or letter of the ordered products arrives damaged, the condition of the contents of the order must be checked upon receipt of the shipment in the presence of a representative of the official handing over the package. According to the Finnish Road Transport Contracts Act, damage to a parcel must be claimed at delivery, if the damage to the parcel is externally detectable. If the parcel has arrived at the Finnish Posti Parcel Locker, an external damage notice must be given within 14 days of receiving the parcel directly to the post office. Knokkon Textiles Company Oy shall not be liable for any broken, delayed, impeded or completely blocked deliveries if they are due to matters beyond the control of Knokkon Textiles Company Oy



The products have a standard 14-day replacement and return policy. The following product is not an alternative to seeking a refund: cut-to-size fabrics (comparable to a custom product (KSL6 / 16) according to the Finnish consumer authority), trade fair and event purchases and promotional items.


The customer undertakes to check the condition and correctness of the products ordered immediately upon receipt of the order. If the content of the order is different on receipt or in a possible invoice, the Customer will report defective or incorrect with written communication to the seller at info@knokkon.fi or with another reliable written method within 14 days after receiving the order. After 14 days, any objection to the order shall be transferred to Knokkon Textiles Company in full and the right of appeal shall be terminated. Knokkon Textiles Company has the right to ask the Customer to send her/his name, address and order number in the email. Knokkon Textiles Company has the right to request photographs of any defect in the product that led to the complaint. If a defective product is found by Knokkon Textiles Company, an attempt will be made to replace it with the same product or a similar product of equivalent value if the original product ordered is not available.


The condition of the ordered fabric should always be checked before washing and cutting. Any claim should always be made on an intact product. If the product / fabric has been put into use, the entire responsibility has passed to the Customer and the possibility of a complaint has expired. Complaints will not be processed if a hole, loophole, discoloration or other defect is detected on the product, is detected after cutting, or an error or discoloration occurs during washing of the product.


When returned or replaced, the products must be in condition for sale completely unused and odorless in their original packaging. The product to be returned must not be damaged, dirty, washed, cut, altered or worn (other than by fitting) and all labels and marks must be in the original condition and undamaged. The customer is responsible for the impairment of the product he / she has put into service. Knokkon Textiles Company has the right to deduct from the amount refunded to the Customer the amount corresponding to the depreciation of the product compared to the original value of the ordered product. If the product has become unfit for sale due to commissioning, the customer is responsible for the full value of the product. It is possible for the customer to have the returned product at their own cost.


Returns of defective products will be notified to Knokkon Textiles Company by e-mail prior to sending any returned products. The defective products will be returned to Knokkon Textiles Company Oy without delay, but no later than 14 days after the submission of the return notice. It is the responsibility of the Customer to prove, if necessary, that the refund has been made in due time, for example by a payment receipt. If the return is made as a customer return by Knokkon Textiles Company, the postage on the order will be deducted from the amount of the returned order.


If the Customer wishes to exchange the defective product he ordered with another product, the Subscriber shall pay the cost of return and place a new order and pay the costs of shipping the new product.


If the Customer returns only part of her/his order, shipping costs will not be refunded.


Failure to redeem an order without specific agreement is not enough for cancellation or refund. A non-redeemed package will be charged EUR 9.50 and any postal order will be re-charged.


Returns sent by cash on delivery will not be redeemed by Knokkon Textiles Company. Returns must always be agreed in advance.


If a possible dispute regarding the order is not resolved by negotiation between the Seller and the Customer, the consumer may contact their Finnish Consumer Adviser and the matter may be referred to the Consumer Dispute Board.



Knokkon Textiles Company sells samples of its fabrics. The images in the online store are for reference only and may differ due to the production lot or the display of the equipment used by the Customer, in which case the Customer may choose to purchase samples of the fabrics. You can order a sample for each fabric in the online store. The samples are delivered by letter. The sample shows the color, hue and material of the fabric. The pieces vary in size, being approximately 5 x 5 cm but may be oddly shaped.



The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. The order details must always include a mobile number, as the arrival notification will be sent via SMS. If the mobile phone number given by the Customer is incorrect and the shipment is therefore returned as an undeliverable shipment, the Customer will be charged for the cost of delivery of the returned shipment.



The price of the product and the tax item are shown in the shopping cart and in the order confirmation. Knokkon Textiles Company reserves the right to change prices and is not responsible for any errors in the product or price information. Knokkon Textiles Company has the right to cancel an order with a clearly incorrect price. Any new offers coming into effect will not apply to orders that have already been placed.


Knokkon Textiles Company reserves the right to change the delivery method without prior notice if the nature or size of the shipment allows for delivery, for example by letter, even if a parcel delivery is selected for the order.


Shipments may use recycled packaging materials to reduce environmental impact.


The inventory may update with a delay of a few days. For this reason, for many ordered products, the ordered product may not be available. If the ordered product is out of stock, you can change it to another, omit the order, or wait for the next batch to arrive. No post-delivery. This also applies to products that are marked for entry into stock.


Knokkon Textiles Company’s liability for errors is limited by law, and Knokkon Textiles Company makes no warranties or representations whatsoever against such liability and shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damages beyond what is required by law.