Thank you for your interest towards Knokkon nettle and hemp scarves!



European nettle is an ancient fibrous material that was almost forgotten over the centuries. Now it is again available even ecologically and ethically produced. Hemp fibre is a more familiar material in textiles, although the hemp used in Knokkon products is carefully selected, as the hemp is decorticated with the same equipment developed primarily for the mechanical decortication of nettle. This decorticating process does not require any water, i.e. the method saves water resources. The end result is a very high level of nettle and hemp core fibre, which are excellent materials in textiles.


Today, nettle is new and unique as a material and it takes its own time to find the right factors to test and experiment with how nettle cotton yarn and nettle hemp cotton yarn bends into knits and what scarf design and shape is the best for this unique and silky fine material.


Knokkon is constantly developing the products that Knokkon’s customers can enjoy the wonderful characters of nettle and hemp. Welcome to read Knokkon’s blog and follow #Knokkon’s various channels and subscribe to Knokkon’s newsletter!


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