Ethical and Ecological Products from Knokkon

Knokkon offers high quality textiles made from ecological nettle, hemp and organic cotton. Fabrics are available for businesses and consumers who value ecological values. Nettle and hemp grow without pesticides or pesticides, so there are no chemical residues in Knokkon products. Hemp is a comfortable material and keeps it comfortable when worn. Nettle is a highly breathable material, so the properties of Knokkon products are best highlighted when they come close to the skin. Knokkon offers finished fabrics for companies that want the most eco-friendly material for their products. Knokkon’s products are also ideal for resale. In addition to selected ready-made products, Knokkon also offers consumers fabrics for those who want to sew eco-friendly products themselves.


ecological products from Knokkon


Nettle and hemp grow in Germany where their fibre is removed. Organic cotton is grown in Turkey and shipped to Germany, where the fibres are mixed and spun into yarn. The yarns come to Finland, where they are woven into fabrics and sewn into selected products for Knokkon. Knokkon’s own products are designed in Finland.