Handcraftfair Online

In March 2020 Knokkon hardly knew more than 17 people in the field on textiles. I hasn’t stopped me from doing things, going to places and meeting new people. I especially enjoy cold dinners with a lot of people. I could entertain people the whole evening and a lot of chatting just keeps going. And I have met all of them for the first time.


I noticed there was a site Kässämessutnetissä.fi (virtual handcraft fair) coming and they had launched a Facebook group and people who offer handcraft materials etc were able to sight to this online handcraft fair o n l i n e. There was even another group for companies joining the online fair. That was convenient as consumers would read those comments only if couldn’t sleep at night. So many people I had never met. I just must join this with Knokkon!


At the Facebook group I got to know many companies and different materials people make something out of. Knokkon material, the Stinging Nettle draw attention expectedly when Knokkon introduction video was posted on the Facebook group #Kässämessutnetissä. I was a huge achievement for Knokkon to offer information about stinging nettle fabrics for such a large audience.


There was some time before the fair would take place so I would have plenty of time to post pictures, texts, comments with #Knokkon and #Kässämessutnetissä. There would not be too much boost for this kind of fair! With the same drive I liked various companies on the textile field and got to know people behind their logos. So many benefits for me even thought the fair was not there yet.

Handcraftfair online - fabrics
Handcraftfair online - yarns

The spring 2020 has been remarkable for inventing new kinds of ways to get together and to work. Covid-19 closed so many homes, including my home. I haven’t had one boring moment as the technology offers us many easy ways to do thing together and to be connected. From these starting point this amazing virtual handcraft fair was born. At this fair each company and consumer are able to join and what could be more Finnish than being able to stand at least 1 meter away from another person and enjoy the fair with full throttle. Thanks to Paapo, Paapii Design, Nuppu, Roo, Vinkee, Verdana ja Pipoksi. 😊


What is also fun at the #Kässämessutnetissä is that the shopping is made at each company’s own online store. The #Kässämessutnetissä offers a platform for companies to easily be in one place and click to the correct shop and shop. Also, there will be advertising during the fair and live shows at the common Facebook group as well as at companies own social media channels and who knows what else! Knokkon will stay put the whole weekend and add pictures of the products, send live videos, comment and shop and handle orders. Knokkon will offer nettle, hemp, organic cotton luxury bedding and petite towels besides nettle and hemp yarns and beautiful fabrics.


Knokkon wishes everyone a very pleasant online handcraft fair and wonderful online meetings of course some good purchases which support small business!