Winter solstice and Christmas wishes

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Nettles sleep in hibernation, their power is deep in the dark earth, waiting for spring. Christmas carols have become calmer as the Christmas eve is close. It’s rather dark even though it’s a day and Christmas Eve is only a few days away. Today, the Brigadeiros, little fudges, were toured in licorice powder and the image has been sent to Misanja, who conducted the Yarn Advent Calendar project. The instruction for the Brigadeiros will fit in one box before Dec 24th. I also got the rest of Christmas presents finished. The reflections these days are mainly such as which dish suits the dried Stinging nettle at the Christmas dinner.


Yarn Advent Calendar

I’ve always liked knitting and handicrafts in general. There was always someone more skilled and more trained than me, but I also got a very challenging sweater knitted at the age of 14, with a New York City silhouette knitted on the front and partially overlaid. I like challenges! The Yarn Advent Calendar also had its own challenge. 24 boxes with miniskeins or some other great surprises and interesting patterns. Also, digital calendar content for December 24th. Misanja, mentioned above, led this project, which involved over ten Finnish dyers and designers. This major Yarn Advent Calendar project started a long time ago on a bright summer day. Knokkon took charge of the two boxes and for the other I wanted a dyed miniskein and patterns for both skeins. I hadn’t made a single skein; I didn’t know how to make Knokkon’s large nettle-hemp-cotton yarn cones the right size skeins and no knowledge of natural dyeing. All these things were sorted out. Now I can make miniskeins eyes closed and I have been testing out natural dyeing by myself many times.


Physical and digital

The Yarn Advent Calendar was innovative in the sense that in addition to the physical calendar, this project also provided a digital calendar that also opened doors daily. The digital calendar offered something to look at both on the public side and in the secret part with the username and password for those who got the physical calendar. We filled the digital boxed beforehand of course. It was interesting to think about Christmas cake recipes there when only the first leaves fell from the trees in autumn. I had to think twice to recall what I baked at Christmas! However, the mere crochet and knitting patterns, which were the salt of this project, were considered a little too little, so some special secret cake and other baking recipes and small craft instructions were also revealed from the boxes. The result was many great yarns and so many awesome crocheting and knitting patterns plus other surprises.



I publish this “shortedts day’s blog” on Christmas Eve because on the eve there is no time spent at the laptop except in touch with relatives and friends. This exciting Yarn Advent Calendar project has been completed and the much-awaited Christmas is here! Those who have The Yarn Advent Calendar have received numerous handicraft projects to be completed next year. Before that, let’s enjoy Christmas.




T. Sanna

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