Nettle Fibre – Ethically Produced Ecological Fabrics

Knokkon’s goal is to increase the use of high-quality, ethically made eco-friendly textiles in the textile industry, and to offer yarns and fabrics to consumers for home sewing. The materials used are German-grown nettle (urtica dioica) and industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) and Turkish ecologically and ethically produced organic cotton. The nettle and hemp fibre mentioned on Knokkon’s website are always of German origin and organic cotton is Turkish. The nettle and hemp fibres are mixed with organic cotton and spun into yarns in Germany.



Knokkon offers nettle/organic cotton yarn and nettle/hemp fibre/organic cotton yarn, as well as fabrics for resale, businesses and consumers. In addition to yarn and fabrics, Knokkon offers a selection of finished products including bedding, weighted blanket and scarves.


Ethically produced fabrics


Welcome to explore the world of nettle and fibre hemp eco yarns and fabrics!



Nettle and hemp fibres are ancient, widely used textile fibres. The heyday of these magnificent stems was still strong in the 18th century. Hemp fibre achieved the status of the most widely used textile fibres in the world. For example, sailboats sail fabrics were made from fibres hemp. Nettle was defibrated at several factories in Europe and widely used by consumers. The royals favour the finest nettle in their clothes and home textiles, the use of which was forbidden from the rest of the citizens! The nettle fibres were a highly respected fibres among the people. People removed the fibres by hand and used it for their own purposes in various textiles, ropes and bags. At the end of their life cycle, the products were dismantled, and some other textile made of fibres. Nettles’ industrial decortication skills began to disappear in the 18th century, after the cotton market was conquered, and eventually the know-how disappeared almost completely. The decortication of ecological nettle and fibres hemp, and specifically the method of removing their finest fibres, has now been redesigned.


Nettle and fibre hemp are grown in Germany, where they grow without irrigation, chemicals and fertilization. Nettle and fibre hemp are mechanically processed into fibre using a new, innovative, chemical-free and water-free process. The method allows the finest core fibres of the straw to be separated from the rest of the plant. The core fibres are very fine, silky and have a dull shine. Nucleus and fibre hemp core fibres need support fibre, which is why Knokkon products also include ecological organic cotton. The amount of drinking water consumed in the production of Knokkon products is lower than that of its organic cotton alone. Ethical and environmental aspects are considered throughout the production chain. Also, short transport distances reduce the environmental impact.