Knokkon offers an ethical and ecological yarn and fabric alternative for business needs and retail. Selected finished products are also available to retailers. In addition to regular cotton, ecological alternatives are needed, and Knokkon meets this need.

Knokkon yarns are suitable for handicrafts and finished fabrics for both clothing and interior textiles. The materials are easy to dye and they work well in digital printing.

Knokkon fabrics and finished products are made in Finland.

European nettle is the most breathable natural fibre. The nettle fibre is able to receive and transfer moisture due to the porous structure of its core fibre. The nettle fibre has a silky feel and a dim shine. There is also nettle fibre in some Knokkon products. Knokkon hemp fibre is ethically and ecologically produced textile fibre. Hemp fibre is also a breathable and comfortable fibre.

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