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Knokkon weighted blanket will be one product of particular interest. As European nettle is the most breathable fibre and keeps you feeling particularly comfortable and comfortable, it is a material suitable for a deliberately heavy blanket.


Nettle fibre is an ancient fibrous material whose industrial decortication skills disappeared because the decortication method was highly secretive. Fortunately, the craftsmanship was preserved in the crafts, and knowledge of the silky fiber contained in nettles has survived to this day. Nettle decortication is again done on an industrial scale ethically and ecologically. The method saves water as the decortication is done mechanically. The process also excellently decortication hemp fibre, the fibers of which are conventionally soaked in enzymes and require water.


Knokkon’s story is just beginning, I am looking for suitable partners and the suitability, dying and digital printing of the material are being tested. Knokkon already has some great other products in the online store, yarns, fabrics, bedding and a face towel. These are the result of quite a bit of product development and experimentation.


Let’s enjoy them too and continue to develop and test. Knokkon’s goal is to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible and to bring the materials as close as possible. The weighted blanket must be plastic-free, ie I am still looking for the best alternatives.


While I’m looking for the right materials, you are welcome to read Knokkon’s blog and follow #Knokkon’s various channels and subscribe to Knokkon’s newsletter!

ps. If you are curious to read more how you could benefit from weighted blankets you may want to read more from the Weighted Journal: https://weightedjournal.com/weighted-blanket-benefits/




Knokkon weighted blankets

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