Digital Calendar for the Yarn Advent Calendar


Digital Calendar for the Yarn Advent Calendar


(sis. ALV 24%)

The Digital calendar gives you inspiration and new patterns and joy of waiting for Christmas!

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At the website of the Yarn Advent Calendar is a digital calendar on digitaalinen calendar. It is possible to get just the access to the Digital Calendar and use your own yarns with the patterns that will be revealed from the digital boxes. 

You will get e-mail and a special password to access the Calendar. There will be 24 digital boxes for you to open!

No matter if you didn’t get he physical calendars as there were just a limited amount of them. You will get a lot of joy by opening the digital calendar and use your own yarns. 

Our head designer is on Anceliga Design.

The fist box is available at December 1st. 

Let us keep some secrets but there will be lovely yarns and excellent new patterns!