Nettle Cotton Bottom Sheet


Nettle Cotton Bottom Sheet


(sis. ALV 24%)
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Twill is a stylishly descending fabric and is perfect for bedding. The silky, fine feelings, dim shine and special breathability come from nettle fibre.  Knokkon nettle-cotton sheets in twill-pattern blend as a neutral colored into many interiors and the fabric is eye-catching. With the washes, the fabric softens and the duvet cover gets its final shape. The bedding is sewn to a fair size, taking into account the shrinkage potential.

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Nettle-cotton bottom sheets are very breathable!

Twill is a stylishly descending pattern and is looks fantastic in bedding. The silky, fine feeling and special breathability come from the nettle fibre. Knokkon twill pattern blends into many interiors as a neutral colored With the first wash the fabric softens and gets its final shape. The bedding is sewn to a fair size, taking into account the shrinkage.

Measures: 260 cm * 155 cm

Yarn count in the fabric:

Nm 34/2

Color: natural white, nettle brings small natural color variations to the yarn.


30% European nettle (urtica dioica)

70% Turkish cotton

The cotton used in the product is organically certified

Care instructions for Knokkon bottom sheets:

Wash Knokkon’s textiles separately from other laundry, lint may come off natural fibers, especially in the first few washes.

Fill the washing machine in half so that any loose fibers are rinsed off properly

The washing temperature of the sheet is 60°C

Fabrics do not need to be tumble dried, string or flat drying is enough

No dry cleaning

Do not bleach

Ironing up to 150°C

Shrinks about 15 %

Countries of origin:

Nettle: Germany

Organic cotton: Turkey

Yarn spinning: Germany

Fabric design: Knokkon

Weaving: Finland

Sewing: Finland

Manufactured for Knokkon Textiles Company Oy

Nettle fibre is the most breathable natural fibre which means that nettle-cotton yarn in twill pattern is perfect for bedding and close to the skin. Twill blends neutral in many interiors. With the washes, the fabric softens and gets its final shape.

Knokkon’s goal is to keep the carbon footprint of its products as small as possible. The materials are ecological and sourced as close as possible. The nettle (urtica dioica) used in the sheets is ecologically and ethically cultivated in Germany. The fibres have been removed mechanically, without water, using an innovative method. The cotton used as a fabric binder is produced in Turkey ethically and ecologically. The yarns used in the fabric are spun in Germany. Product design, weaving and sewing are done in Finland.

Nettle-cotton fabric is an ecological choice also since no plant protection products or pesticides are used in the cultivation of the materials. Nettle only needs natural rain to grow, which means that groundwater is also saved

Thank you for choosing an ethically produced organic product!

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Weight 0,720 kg