Knokkon x MosterRosa scrunchie, hand dyed with onion peels

Knokkon x MosterRosa scrunchie, hand dyed with onion peels


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Knokkon x MosteRosa scrunchies are made from suprlus material and are handdyed with onion peels

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Knokkon x MosterRosa scrunchie is a fun detail in your dressing. The scrunchie is made from surplus nettle- and hemp fabrics and dyed with lupin petals. Lupines are the so-called alien species and collecting the petals and utilizing them for natural dyeing we can slow down the spread of lupine and, in addition, to have beautiful color in the scrunchies.


Thickness of yarn used in the fabric:

Nm 34/2


Color: greenish-gray hand dyed with lupine, the color may change in sunlight



25% European nettle (urtica dioica)

25% hemp fibre

50% Turkish cotton

The cotton used in the product is organically certified


Knokkon scrunchie care instructions:
Wash the scrunchie separately. Scrunches are recommended to be washed by hand in lukewarm water.

Flat drying

No dry cleaning

Do not bleach

No dry cleaning

Ironing up to 150 ° C



Countries of origin of Knokkon x MosterRosa scrunchie:

Nettle: Germany

Cotton: Turkey

Yarn spinning: Germany

Design: MosterRosa

Fabric weaving: Finland

Fabric dyeing: Knokkon

Sewing: MosterRosa


Nettle and fiber hemp are pleasant-feeling fibres, they are ancient textile fibres and ecological to cultivate. They do not need harmful chemicals to grow, on the contrary, they enrich the soil microbiota and makethe soil more fluffy with their long roots.

Knokkon’s goal is to keep the carbon footprint of its products as small as possible. The materials are ecological and sourced as close as possible. The nettle (urtica dioica) and fiber hemp used in the fabric are ecologically and ethically cultivated in Germany. The fibres are being removed mechanically, without water, by an innovative method. The cotton used as a fabric binder is produced in Turkey ethically and ecologically. The yarns used in the fabric are spun in Germany and woven into fabric in Finland.

Nettle-hemp-cotton fabric is also an ecological choice because no herbicides or pesticides are used in the cultivation of the materials. Nettle and hemp only need natural rain to grow, which also saves groundwater.


Thank you for choosing an ethically produced organic product!

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Weight0.02 kg