Knokkon tube neck scarf 100cm

Knokkon tube neck scarf 100cm


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Knokkon nettle-cotton neck tube scarf looks like a regural scarf thanks to the bobbles.

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Knokkon tube neck scarf is a unique, handcrafted scarf.

Knokkon nettle-cotton neck tube scarf suit to be worn as wrapped around your neck once or twice.

The Stinging nettle brings a particularly dim shine shine and feel to every Knokkon products. Soft knitting and hand crocheted part is a stylish accessory against the cold wind. Bobbles give the scarf more of a scarfy feeling rather than being just a neck tube scarf. You may twist and turn the scarf in various ways depending on which structure you want to show, you are free to play with the scarf! The nettle fibre transfers humidity very well and keeps you feeling comfortable.

Color: off-white, nettle brings small color variations to the yarn

Length: 100 cm, plus bobbles

Thickness of yarn used in nettle scarf:

Nm 34/2

Materials: 30% European nettle (urtica dioica)

70% Turkish cotton

The cotton used in the product is organic certified

Care instructions for the scarf made of nettle-cotton yarn:

Wash Knokkon scarves separately from other laundry, natural fibers may come off the lint, especially in the first few washes.

Always wash Knokkon scarves gently by hand.

The scarf washing temperature is 40 ° C

The scarf must not be tumble dried, string or flat drying is sufficient

No dry cleaning

Do not bleach Ironing up to 150 ° C

Shrinks about 15%

Countries of origin:

Nettle: Germany

Organic cotton: Turkey

Yarn spinning: Germany

Scarf design and manufacture: Finland

Manufactured for Knokkon Textiles Company Oy

European innovatively produced ecological nettle is a very high quality fibre with dim shine. During the golden age of nettle in the 18th century, the royals used the finest nettle fibers in their clothing. Knokkon yarn has 30% of nettle. Thanks to the new innovation, it is possible to make products containing nettle for you to enjoy the excellent properties of the nettle. The yarn is comfortable to weave, the hand feel is warm and the finished product is breathable thanks to the structure of the nettle core fiber. The fibre is breathable and keeps you feeling comfortable.

Knokkon’s goal is to keep the carbon footprint of its products as small as possible. The materials are ecological and are sourced as close as possible. The nettle fiber (urtica dioica) used in the scarf is ecologically and ethically cultivated in Germany. The fibers have been removed mechanically, without water, by an innovative method. The cotton used as a binder for nettle fibre is produced ethically and ecologically. The yarns are spun in Germany and the scarves are knitted in Finland. The nettle-cotton scarf is an ecological choice also because no herbicides or pesticides are used in the cultivation of the materials. Nettle only needs natural rain to grow, which also saves groundwater.

Thank you for choosing an ethically produced organic product!

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Weight0.25 kg