Knokkon Fabric Sample 4 pcs

Knokkon Fabric Sample 4 pcs


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It is possible to order small samples of Knokkon fabrics. The samples contain both nettle-cotton fabric and nettle-hemp-cotton fabric. The average sizes of the sample fabrics are 5 x 5 cm. The sizes and shapes of the sample pieces may differ from the average, as surplus pieces are used.

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Four small samples of Knokkon fabrics can be ordered from the fabrics currently in the Knokkon online store.

Knokkon fabric samples make it easy to get to know and feel nettle-cotton and nettle-hemp-cotton fabrics.

Samples will be sent by letter

Dimensions of the specimens: about 5 * 5 cm. Samples are cut from small surplus pieces and thus their sizes and shapes may vary.

Thickness of yarns used in fabric samples:

Tex 30 × 2 tex
Nm 34/2
Ne 20/2

Color: off-white, nettle and hemp bring small natural color differences to the yarn


30% European nettle (urtica dioica)
70% Turkish cotton


25% European nettle (urtica dioica)
25% European fiber hemp

The cotton used in the products is organically certified

Care instructions for Knokkon products:

Wash Knokkon’s products separately from other laundry, natural fibers may come off the lint, especially in the first few washes.

It is a good idea to fill the washing machine in half so that any loose fibers are rinsed off properly.

The washing temperature of the fabrics is 40 ° C

Fabrics do not need to be tumble dried, string or flat drying is enough

No dry cleaning
Do not bleach
No dry cleaning
Ironing up to 150 ° C
Shrinks about 15%

Countries of origin:

Nettle: Germany
Fiber hemp: Germany
Cotton: Turkey

The cotton used in the products is organically certified

Yarn spinning: Germany
Fabric weaving: Finland
Collection of sample packages: Knokkon

Manufactured by Knokkon Textiles Company Oy

Knokkon’s goal is to keep the carbon footprint of its products as small as possible. The materials are ecological and sourced as close as possible. The nettle (urtica dioica) used in the yarn is ecologically and ethically cultivated in Germany. The fibers have been removed mechanically, without water, using an innovative method. The cotton used as a yarn binder is produced in Turkey ethically and ecologically and is organically certified.

A fabric containing nettle or nettle and hemp is also an ecological choice because no nettles or pesticides are used in the cultivation of nettle and hemp. Nettle and hemp only need natural rain to grow, which also saves groundwater

Thank you for choosing an ethically produced organic product!

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Weight0.05 kg