Hali by MonFre huivi

Hali by MonFre huivi


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Sari from Arteeni has designed a special scarf from Knokkon nettle-hemp-cotton yarn. 

The Stinging nettle is the most breathable natural fibre which has silky feel and dim shine combined with linen-like comfort. By knitting this lovely DIY scarf you can get to know the character of the yarn as knitted. The scarf works as a small accessory and decoration in various occasions.

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Knokkon collaborates with its customers to provide a showcase for products made from Knokkon materials. Ethical and ecological production is very important to Knokkon and the finished products are happy to be displayed in the Knokkon online store!

There is also a link to the company’s own online store, where you can go shopping as well.

Hali by MonFre scarf

You can also order HALI by MonFren from MonFre’s own online store:

MonFre HALI scarf

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HALI by MonFre – SCARF

The scarf is lovingly designed to warm, bring joy and good mood like a true hug.

HALI by MonFre

The sustainable use and maintenance of clothing starts with small deeds. In many cases, simple ventilation and proper storage will keep the product beautiful and ready for use.

You can wash your HALI by MonFre scarf with hand-warm water (+ 40C),

Ironing with medium heat of iron (max 150C).

NO dry cleaning,

Do not bleach,

NO tumble drying.

HALI by MonFre scarf material:

herringbone pattern: 25% nettle (urtica dioica), Germany

25% hemp, Germany

50% cotton, Turkey

plain: 30% nettle (urtica dioica), Germany

70% cotton, Turkey

The cotton used in the product is organically certified.

Weaving and sewing: FINLAND

Manufacturer: MonFre

The product is ethical and ecological production.

Knokkon challenges power-produced cotton with ethical and ecological options. The European nettle and fiber hemp used by Knokkon are the most ecological materials in the world and bring an interesting alternative to the fashion and textile industries. MonFre shares Knokkon’s values, the production is carefully thought out and implemented until the finished product.

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Weight0.8 kg